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Sau-Sea Eco-Choice Swimming Pool Paints


ECO-CHOICE Premium Chlorinated Natural Rubber Pool Paint:

• Easy application
• Self-priming
• Low VOC Eco-friendly coating
• Exceptional bonding strength
• Formulated with special resins and pigments to assure maximum UV, water and chemical resistance
• Available in ultra high gloss
• Available in exceptional quality semi-gloss
• For new or unpainted concrete or gunite pools
• For refinishing older plaster finished pools

Product Features:

The Ultimate in UV Resistance
Chlorinated Natural Rubber-Base resins have outstanding natural resistance to the UV rays of the sun. These rays burn your pool finish and make it dull and chalky. Sau-Sea chlorinated natural rubber paints provide SUPERIOR UV RESISTANCE.

Superior Stain and Chemical Resistance
ECO-CHOICE Natural Rubber Coatings have a superior gloss finish that inhibits algae growth and resists staining of pool walls. These superior gloss coatings are not damaged by the many chemicals used to treat your pool.

Excels in Saltwater Pool Systems
Newly designed saltwater pool systems can adversely affect your plaster/marbelite finish pool.
ECO-CHOICE natural rubber pool coatings provide a water-resistant membrane that protects against stain, scale and degradation of your plaster/marbelite finish.

Outstanding Water Resistance
Prolonged submersion forces water into your pool wall. The key to a good quality swimming pool paint is to minimize water penetration through the paint into the wall.

ECO-CHOICE Chlorinated Natural Rubber resins OFFER THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF WATERPROOFING AVAILABLE in a thin, highly protective layer.

-Protect your pool structure from freeze-thaw damage.
-Prevent chlorine water penetration from damaging the paint film itself.

FUSION BONDING — The Rubber-Base Advantage
One coat of paint melts right into the next coat!

Exceptional Bonding Strength
Fusion Bonding prevents layered coats from forming. Water CAN’T build between coats and cause peeling because each recoat melts into the last one—even after multiple new recoats over many years. There is always just ONE layer of paint on the pool—fusion bonding has been the most successful submerged painting system for over 50 years.